Systems Engineering

Complex engineering challenges of the 21st century call for an holistic approach to problem solving.

From the system- and requirement analysis over the definition of functionalities and system architecture down to soft- and hardware- development, integration of modern engineering techniques has become the decisive factor in system engineering.

As professional engineers we work after state of the art standards of i.e. the INCOSE® International Council on System Engineering. With long term experience in various industries, our customers can benefit from an integrated approach and a structured and transparent processing of different tasks. Our systems- and software engineering service includes:


  • System analysis

  • System Requirements Engineering

  • System Architecture and Design (Functional, Logical or Physical)

  • Breakdown into Sub-System (e.g. Software-, Hardware- and Mechanical Discipline)

  • Creation of all relevant Specification Documents

  • Model Based System Engineering (MBSE)

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